About Us

The Temple of Lord Sri Vishnumaya is dedicated to Lord Chathanswamy which is an ancient tradition of Valluvanad. In the centuries-old temple, the Lord Vishnumaya Kuttichathan is a divine spirit that energies the magical powers and services. From this arrangement, all the disaster and affectionate scent is offered to the devotees by special poojas, Shaktiya pooja, guruti pooja, devotees, poojas and other devotees performing mantras in Vishnumaya. The temple of Thrangali is an ancient tradition based in the tradition of the chanting mantras. In this Chattanseva Madom and Sree Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Thayankottam, the Holy Spirit is a sacred shrine of Lord Shiva, the family, the physical and mental family work and all the obstacles that are related to other lifestyle

Darshan & Pooja's


The Temple opens everyday morning at 6AM. UshaPooja is after 1AM. Except Wednesday all other days the temple is opened till 1PM. Till this time devotees can do their rituals and special poojas.

Temple re-opens at evening 5:30pm. After Deeparadhana and Athazha Pooja at 6.30PM, Temple closes at 7PM

Morning Opening : 6AM

Morning Closing : 1PM

In Wednesday's temple closes at 10AM

Evening Opening : 5.30PM

Evening Closing : 7PM


Vishnumaya Upakalam : 10,000/-

Nithya Pooja : 1001/-

Vellattu Karmam : 101/-

ChuttuVilakku : 2002/-

Guruthi Kalasham

Meenkulathi Guruthi : 3003/-

KaruppaSwami Guruthi : 3003/-

Kareem Neeli Guruthi : 3003/-


Erachi Pathiri : 3003/-

Shaktheya Pushpanjali : 51/-

Muttarukkal : 51/-

Kaivisham Shardhikkal : 501/-