The festivals in Vishnumaya temple with several programmes of worship . Many of the prayers are accompanied with atmosphere of solemnity and devotion. People from different areas come for worshipping Bhagavan Chathan Swamy.Almost all of art work of the ancient days were religious manifestations intended to please god.


Jyothisha Vachasphi Shri Vavanoor Raghavan delivered the verdicts in Thiruvilamala Mundakkal Manjeri Sri Sri Subrahmanyan Thirumeni and Ann Manath Jayadevan Thirumeni on December 1, 2010 the month of Vrishchikam Atham day with special poojas punnarpratheekshtta and navikaranaklasa conducted.


Pratheekshttadhinam celebrated on every month of Vrishchikam Atham day.There are many special pooja conducted on this day at the temple to worship god.

Kshetra Utsavam

Kshetra utsavam is celebrated based on the birthday of Upasana priestess and grandfather Sri Velayudhan Poojari falls on the month of Kumbam Bharani day.Many of the prayers,special poojas,Roopakalam prayer and cultural events are conduct during Kshetra Utsavam.From the banks of bharathapuzha,the procession of Vishnumayadevan conducted during Kshetra Utsavam and large crowds eagerly assemble for the same there.

Poothan and Thira is a ritualistic art form found in Palakkad, in which people dance in costumes representing Poothan, Shiva's lieutenant, and Thira,the goddess Kali,to the accompaniment of drummers.It is a religious manifestations intended to please gad conduct during Kshetra Utsavam.Velichapaddu is a mediator between a deity and devotees at a Hindu Temple in Kerala. Prominent in Valluvanad,the Velichappadu, is an integral part of the rituals in our temple.Panchavadyam is celebrate on Kshetra Utsavam .Panchavadyam is anchored and led by the timila artist at the centre of his band of instrumentalists, behind whom line up the ilathalam players.